Hedgehog and the Pox

It started with Hedgehog’s bum.

In the space of about four hours, she erupted with the worst case of nappy rash I’ve ever seen. Worse even than the time we had to get steroid cream from the doctor for a flare up that came about from diarrhorea, that came about from teething. This one featured white blisters. It was a new level of rash.

The next day, the rash migrated to her hands, feet, cheeks, and then proceeded to travel up her limbs. It is typical that this sort of minor emergency always happens on a weekend, when the surgery is closed. Not something serious enough for an ambulance, but still not something you want to have to wait until Monday for.

The options were the 111 service or a chemist advice. I chose the latter, preferring a medical eye on Hedgehog’s skin to someone asking 20 questions down the phone from a keyboard.

The chemist said chicken pox, and gave us calamine cream and piriton. I was happy with these lotions and potions, but a part of me was doubtful about the chicken pox. Her torso was completely clear.

Finally on the Monday, after dropping Mole at preschool and sitting in the surgery waiting room with a very cheerful and spotty Hedgehog on my knee, we saw the nurse. After about 30 seconds she diagnosed Hand Foot and Mouth, in a matter a fact way. “No treatment apart from TLC, and calpol. Oh, and keep her away from other children, and pregnant ladies”. Right.

So we spent the rest of that week in quarantine with a spotty Hedgehog, who seemed amazingly cheerful, apart from the odd scratching session on her blisters, when I would dose her up with piriton and she would fall asleep. She developed an obsession with nuts and raisin snacks while watching ‘Hey Duggee’ DVD’s that was disturbing for a one year old. She became expert at taking the DVD’s off the shelves and putting them on the laptop for me, just in case I was in any doubt.

I waited each morning for the blisters to jump onto Mole, but nothing. She got a single solitary spot on her chin 2 days later, which she was very eager to point out to me, but I suspect this was down to too much chocolate. The rest of us appeared to be immune.

So now the pox has passed from our house, and Hedgehog is back to her playgroups and swimming and general frolicking about with the rest of the human race.

Now we’re just waiting for the real pox, the chicken one that is. I think that now Hedgehog has had the localised version, she can cope with the full monty. We’ve got the calamine and the piriton ready.